The Power Of Key Distinctions—Part 1

by Doc Orman, M.D.

What is a distinction

As human beings, we go through life making distinctions all the time. In fact, we do this so naturally and effortlessly that we barely notice we are engaging in this activity at all.

But distinctions are extremely powerful forces in our lives.  This week, I plan to explore some of this power with you and show you an easy way you can harness it to significantly reduce your stress.

What Are Distinctions?

The act of making a distinction always takes place in language.  It’s a complex function of human language (and only human language) that has many subtleties and dimensions, so I’m not going to try to define it precisely here.  Suffice it to say that just about everything we see, understand, and are often able to accomplish in life is largely a function of the distinctions we’ve been able to acquire. 

For example, when I entered medical school many years ago, I had very little ability to help anyone deal with a health related problem.  Four years later, I graduated with a whole bunch of new distinctions (scientific, medical, and otherwise) and a great many new and useful skills that I never had before.  This is what I mean by the awesome power of distinctions, and the same is true for other occupations, professions, hobbies, sports, etc.

So once again:

  • how we see life;
  • how we understand the way things work in life; and
  • our abilities to do things and be successful…

are all functions of the distinctions we either created ourselves or obtained from others.

Change Your Distinctions And You Change Your Life

Most mornings, I go to a local gym on my way to work.  They have a fitness slogan posted on the wall there that says “Change Your Body…Change Your Life.”  While this is probably true in many ways, I would also add that if you change your distinctions, especially if you acquire new and better ones, you can also dramatically change your life, even if your level of fitness is not ideal.

We’ve all had experience acquiring new distinctions and suddenly recognizing that the world around us no longer looks the same.  Maybe we were suddenly able to observe key relationships that we never noticed before (even though they were clearly there all along). Maybe we noticed that we could understand causes in a new and more accurate way.  Or maybe we were able to develop new strategies that brought us results in a certain area of life where we had been struggling for many years.

For example, when you expand your distinctions about the causes of human stress to include internal causes (e.g., thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, etc.) as well as external causes, you suddenly see the world differently from those who focus only on external causes as if they were the only ones involved.

New Opportunity For You This Week

Later this week, you’ll have an opportunity to easily and powerfully expand upon the distinctions you already have.  Starting on Wednesday, June 26th, you’ll be able to download and read my newest book “Stress Relief Wisdom: Ten Key Distinctions For A Stress Free Life” totally free on Amazon.  This special offer will only be available for five days, from Wednesday through Sunday, June 30th, so be sure you don’t miss it.

In this new book, I share ten key distinctions that helped me to greatly improve my ability to master stress in my life and that also can benefit you by similarly expanding your knowledge, understanding and wisdom about life as well.

Please note, however, that this not your average self-help book about stress. It is not about eating better, exercising more, or taking more time to relax.  It is about ten really important key distinctions, which most people are not clear about, and which can truly empower you to have fewer problems and much less stress in your life.

Check back with this blog for new posts on both Wednesday and Friday of this week, where I will give you a link to get this book for free and where I will share more details about why I believe it’s a must read for just about everyone. 

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