The Stress Of Raising Kids (Part 1)

by Doc Orman, M.D.

The Stress Of Raising Kids Part 1Children can be a source of great joy, happiness, and pride in life, but they can also be stressful to raise at times.   

From the disruptions of having an infant to care for, to the terrible twos, to the pre-teen and teenage years (if you survive them) to the financial stress of college tuitions, all sorts of problems and challenges can arise during the child-rearing years.

This week, I want to focus on the stressful side of raising kids.  Granted it’s not all stressful and there’s lots of joy and happiness.  But what do we turn to when things get tough?  How do we cope with the stress of raising kids? 

Common Types Of Parental Stress

Here are just a few of the potentially stressful aspects of raising kids:

  • Teething, feeding problems, colic
  • Tantrums, defiance, impulsive behaviors
  • Strain on a marriage, sleep deprivation
  • Children with disabilities and special needs
  • Children with hyperactivity and ADHD
  • Feelings of anger, depression, worry, guilt
  • Career or work pressures and competing demands
  • Lack of support from others
  • Financial concerns, including costs of activities, clothes, and higher education
  • Dangers and safety/protection issues
  • Peer group pressures and socialization problems
  • School performance
  • Raising multiple young children at once
  • Becoming separated or divorced

And this is just a partial list of all the problems and challenges that can arise.

What Are The Coping Skills We Need To Have?

With all of these potentially stressful child-rearing problems, what are some of the skills and coping strategies we need to have in place to minimize and sometimes avoid feeling stressed?

This is the topic I want to address this week, and obviously it’s such a huge topic that I can only pick out a few coping principles to highlight in my next two posts.

Unfortunately, children don’t come with a “How To Raise Them” Manual.  It’s pretty much all trial and error parenting, but there are a few key distinctions that could give us some help.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to touch upon a few of these in the next two discussions to follow.

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