What Questions About Stress Interest You?—Part 3

by Doc Orman, M.D.

Stress Relief Questions--Part 3

This week, I’ve been focusing on some of the more common questions I frequently get asked about stress. 

In Part 1 of this series, I listed some general questions about stress and its effects on our health.

General And Health-Related Stress Questions

Then, in Part 2, I listed some additional questions that relate to more specific problem areas (e.g. relationships, anger, anxiety, planning a wedding, etc.)

Additional Commonly Asked Questions About Stress

Top 10 Questions People Should Be Asking About Stress

Today, for my third and final post in this series, I want to suggest to you that there are ten very important questions about stress people should be asking, but sadly most are not.

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you’ll recognize some familiar themes in this Top 10 list.  But even if you are relatively new to this blog, please take a look at these questions and give them some thought.  Then come back to this blog as often as you’d like (or sign up for the free weekly email digest) to see how I address them.

The Top 10 Questions About Stress Everyone Should Be Asking…

  • What’s incorrect or misleading about much of the advice we’ve been given about how to deal with stress?
  • What is stress really, and why are we so confused about this today?
  • Why do our stress levels seem to be steadily increasing, even though there’s been more focus and attention given to this problem than ever before?
  • Why do some stress experts seem to have lots of stress themselves?
  • What’s incorrect or misleading about the way we’ve been taught to think about what causes our stress to occur?
  • What are some of the big disadvantages of managing stress?
  • Is stress really as inevitable or unavoidable as we’ve been told?
  • Why do some people, when facing the same or similar life circumstances, deal with stress so much better than others?
  • How much do doctors and other health professionals really know about the relationships between stress and physical illness?
  • How much do television reporters, radio talk show hosts, newspaper editors and other media folks really know and understand about human stress?

Bonus Question

Here’s a bonus question for you:

  • Why aren’t more people asking these types of questions today?

These are the types of questions I think we all need to start asking—and begin deeply exploring— before we can ever expect to answer some of the more common questions like: how do I best deal with my stress, or how do I deal with the stress of being a policeman, or what are the best foods to eat to help me reduce my stress?

Hope you enjoyed this week’s three blog posts on the topic of questions about stress. Please let me know what you think of them by entering your comments below.

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